To Watch in an Apocalypse

“Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures.”

–Dolores Abernathy

Caleb Nichols

Is Caleb a host? Well, the same language Charlotte’s son used to say she is not his mommy is very similar to what Caleb’s mother said about him when he was telling her he’d be going away for a while. She said he was not her son. This could be because his mother’s memory isContinue reading “Caleb Nichols”

Who is Charlotte?

We are all now watching Westworld from quarantine and it is still our favorite show to watch during the apocalypse. Tonight’s episode took the character of Charlotte Hale down a rabbit hole in which she could be any number of characters. Could she be Elsie? When Charlotte said, “Why do I have to be *her*?”Continue reading “Who is Charlotte?”

Westeros World Confirmed!

Both spoilers and HELLA fan service herein! David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Game of Thrones showrunners, just made a delicious cameo in the second episode of Westworld. Not only did they make an appearance…they brought with them the famed Drogon. How does this relate to Westworld? Well, the Dan and Dave played techs about toContinue reading “Westeros World Confirmed!”

Westworld Season Three: Episode One Review

Westworld season three looks much different from previous seasons. However, it is packed with fan service. Season three starts with the return of our favorite protagonist/antagonist Dolores Abernathy liberating a woman from an abusive husband! What’s not to like? Of course, Dolores hunting down the men who used to abuse her while visiting the parkContinue reading “Westworld Season Three: Episode One Review”

Dolores vs. Maeve

This post contains spoilers through the end of season two. Dolores Abernathy is, without a doubt, the main character of Westworld. However, to call her the “protagonist” is a complicated subject. Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, is one of the oldest hosts in the park, but cannot remember many of her years in theContinue reading “Dolores vs. Maeve”

"Designed to Survive"

Welcome to the post-social distancing landscape. Luckily for us, Week One of social distancing starts with the premiere of Westworld! So my first posts of the apocalypse will be about a slightly more advanced dystopian future in the midst of a robot uprising: Westworld Season 3! So let’s bring ourselves back online and binge seasonsContinue reading “"Designed to Survive"”

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